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Monsoon Final Month Special

The rainy season is coming to an end, but the last month is always the wettest, and so it makes it tougher on our escorts in getting to clients. So, for this month, we’re offering a special on our standard rates –

For the month of October 2022 only:

  • 2 hours: 5,000 THB
  • 3 hours: 6,000 THB
  • 4 hours: 7,000 THB 
  • 8 hours: 9,000 THB
  • 12 hours: 12,000 THB 
  • 24 hours: 15,000 THB 

+ 2000 THB for Photos/Video (escorts that offer it)

Note that these rates do not apply for bookings outside of the escort’s local area. We ask one thing of all our customers who wish to use these rates…please be patient as the rains will slow down escorts getting to you.

Why use an escort agency?

Recently, I had an interesting talk with someone who is advocating the Co-op approach to avoid the claimed bias against agencies. It got me thinking, as the more they talked, the more they demonstrated what the strength of a good agency is.

First off, let’s talk about the “perceived bias” against agencies. Do any of you reading this not buy books because the writer has a literary agent? Not go to movies because the actors have agents? Good escort agencies do exactly the same thing – they work at getting the escort work and keep the escort from being bogged down in calls, messages, etc. so that the escort can give her full attention to her client. How many of you want to pay for a day with an escort and have the escort interrupted by their phone all the time? After all, if they are successful, that is exactly what happens. Most of those calls and messages aren’t work, they are inquiries, scams, etc., but each and every one needs to be handled. That’s what an agent does.

Then there are the people who think that technology will solve the problem that I noted above of interruptions. Technology is making it worse. Back in 2012 and 2013, Discreet handled maybe 20 to 30 calls or emails a day, of which 2 to 5 turned into bookings. Today, Discreet handles more than 100 calls or emails a day, of which 2 to 5 turn into bookings. It’s just plain easier to reach out than read the website, and people do it. Also, some of the technological solutions out there simply let the agency hand off their booking process to a third party and completely abdicate in any responsibility. They still make the money, they just don’t do the work.

Next, let’s talk about problems. If you have a problem on a booking with your independent escort, who do you call to sort it out? Maybe you are sure that you will be able to sort it out yourself, but our experience is that most problems are a matter of miscommunication. Being able to call someone that will bring the drama down and sort the situation out? That has value.

Finally, let’s talk about feedback. If you have a bad experience with an independent or an agency escort, you can write up a review in places like The Erotic Review, but for a lot of independents, you won’t be able to post a review because you need a webpage to link (Massage Republic is not accepted). With an escort agency, they are unlikely to publish a bad review, but at least you can get someone to read it and maybe even respond to it with some sort of a solution. I can only speak for Discreet, but there are some escorts no longer with Discreet because of customer feedback. They very well be working as independents (some certainly are).

Just our thoughts on the subject. Escort agents (good ones) are no different from literary agents or any kind of talent agents. They are not bosses, they are agents. Good ones make it easier for good talent to be successful and free up time for the talent to practice their craft and focus on it.

Two New Ladyboys in Bangkok

We have just added two very different ladyboy escorts in Bangkok.

Ladyboy Far is a versatile shemale with a medium plus cock that is open to just about any sort of kink – she’s wild and loves to suck on cock. Want a wild time in bed? Consider Far.

Far will suck and fuck until you and she are exhausted.

Ladyboy Nicky is a young shemale who is reserved and cautious in respect to her health and very passable. She is a bottom – so, if you looking for someone you can take to dinner and finish with your cock up her arse? Then Nicky is the ladyboy for you.

Nicky is the perfect ladyboy for dinner and dessert

July 2021 Update

With some signs that the Covid19 situation will be resolved this year, we put in some effort to update who was still available as well as how we present them. The first step was to contact all the ladyboys that we still had on the books and double-check with them where they were (still in Bangkok?) and if they were still interested in working as escorts.

Of course, with over a year of lock-down or semi-lock-down, a lot of our escorts are no longer available – so the escorts that are on the website today are all escorts who responded positively.

Once we had done that, we decided to redo photographs (including some new for Ivy) and how they are presented, which also led to a general update of the headings and information in the website. As you look, you may see a lot of differences in how the website looks, how information is presented, etc. Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to choose a ladyboy you like, to know what you can expect and to make a booking.

We also updated our sister site (ladies) and there are some new females there as well.

We’d love feedback – so let us know what you think.