Rates & Terms of Use

The following booking rates apply to our ladyboy escorts for outcall services local to the escort’s area:

  • 1 hour: 6,000 THB
  • 2 hours: 7,000 THB
  • 3 hours: 8,000 THB
  • 4 hours: 9,500 THB 
  • 8 hours: 12,000 THB
  • 12 hours: 15,000 THB 
  • 24 hours: 18,000 THB 

Service outside of the primary areas will incur travel expenses and may have a minimum length booking.

Longer Bookings

Longer periods of time and combinations can be discussed, as well as travel expenses. We provide outcall service to all of South-East Asia with sufficient notice. Deposits are generally required for longer bookings.

We do need to confirm locations and presence, so we strongly recommend staying at hotels with an internet presence. We cannot send our escorts to places that we are unable to locate or confirm. You will be required to provide room number and the name the room is in for confirmation.

Airport Pickup

Airport pickup can be arranged however we do not recommend it and it will require a deposit. Frequent flight delays and variations in how long it takes to clear out of the airport can mean that the girl waits a long time and that doesn’t make for a happy escort. If you do want airport pickup, please inquire via email for specifics.


Please have the agreed payment ready in cash (local currency unless an alternative agreed to beforehand) before the escort arrives. Once the escort has arrived, kindly pass the payment to her. Rates on less than 3 day bookings are not negotiable.


We expect our customers to be reliable and respectful of our ladies. In this way, both parties have the best time. We expect our ladies to treat our customers well and request feedback on their behavior.

Please do not expect a ladyboy to be at your door in minutes after you call. Our ladyboys are expected to be prepared when they arrive at a client and that means giving them the time to prepare so you have the best time with them.

For special events or circumstances please contact us, Many things are possible for reasonable rates.


Any problems, call or contact us – the agency. Please don’t argue with the escort, call us and let us sort it out. Most problems are a matter of misunderstanding, but regardless, if we don’t know, we can’t fix it. Call us. We don’t mind. Really.


  • Two Ladyboys
  • Pre-Op and Post-Op Ladyboy
  • Ladyboy and Girl – Bangkok only – see Discreet Escorts for some of the females available to join with ladyboys
  • Ladyboy for Couple – See here
  • Ladyboy for two men
  • Ladyboy for woman – See here
  • Fantasy outfits available (maid, nurse, etc.)
  • Dominatrix’s available