Ladyboy Terminology Explained & FAQs

In our working with people to get the best match for their needs, we have found that there are a variety of terms used by different people to describe different characteristics, acts, etc. So, here we’ve tried to put together a bit of a glossary and discussion of those terms.

General terms regarding ladyboys

  • Ladyboy: someone who was born male in physical appearance, but considers themselves a woman and presents themselves as such. All of Discreet’s ladyboys are “women born in a man’s body”.
  • Shemale: same as ladyboy. Sometimes used to refer to one that has some masculine features
  • Transexual/Transsexual: someone who was born the opposite gender to that which they consider and present themselves as. Sometimes referred to “one sex trapped in the body of another”. The term does not indicate whether sexual reorientation surgery has taken place as defined, but common usage varies. All of the ladyboys with Discreet qualify as Transsexuals.
  • TS: abbreviation for Transexual/Transsexual.
  • Katoey: Thai word for a ladyboy. Often used in Thailand to refer to a ladyby with a flamboyent personality.
  • Femboy: a ladyboy who has not had any surgery and uses only makeup and hormones in their presentation of themselves as a lady. Often applies to a young, boyish appearance.
  • Pre-Op: a ladyboy who has not had a gender change operation (still has a penis).
  • Post-Op: a ladyboy who has had a gender change operation (has a vagina).

Terms regarding sexual preferences

Ladyboys often have surgery other than gender change (breast enhancement, etc.) that doesn’t affect their status as pre-op or post-op. Most of Discreet ladyboys have had breast enhancement surgery.

  • Versatile: a ladyboy who will take either the top or bottom role in sexual positions. Most of the Discreet ladyboy escorts are versatile.
  • Top: Refers to the person who penetrates their partner. .
  • Active: Same as top.
  • Bottom: The position of the partner being penetrated.
  • Passive: Same as bottom.

(note that both of the above do not have to refer to the actual position, but rather to the act of penetration).

  • Dominant: Personality that likes to control the action.
  • Dominatrix : A person who takes control of a session. Typically may humiliate, bind, whip, etc. the other person in the session. Often uses restraints, whips, paddles, etc. in the session. ShaSha is comfortable in this role as example (abbreviated dom on photo captions)
  • Submissive: Personality that likes being controlled (abbreviated sub on photo captions).
  • Passable: Ladyboy that can be mistaken for someone born female. Discreet has many passable ladyboys.
  • Feminine: Very feminine in appearance or behavior.
  • Threesome friendly – will go with two men
  • Couple friendly – will go with a couple (man and woman) – does not mean they will engage in sex with woman
  • Ladyboy friendly – will go with a ladyboy or ladyboy and man
  • Lady friendly – will go with a woman alone or a couple – will engage in sex with woman (abbreviated lf on photo captions)
  • Girlfriend Experience – Friendly, romantic, escort acts like your girlfriend for your time together (abbreviated gfe on photo captions)
  • Pornstar Experience – Sexual experience like that from a sex movie (abbreviated pse on photo captions)
  • Watersports – Will piss on customer (give) or allow customer to piss on them (receive).
  • Golden Showers – same as watersports.


  • Small – less than 10 cm in length
  • Medium – 10 cm to 15 cm in length
  • Medium + – 16 to 19 cm in length
  • Large – Over 20 cm in length

There is no set measuring point for this, so all sizes are approximations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which one is the best?  – the ladyboys who work for us are all excellent. “Best” is subjective and we can’t answer that question for you.
  • Can you recommend a ladyboy?  – We can make recommendations based on specific requests (ladyboy for couple, for first-timer, etc.). In general, pick the ladyboy that turns you on.
  • Are your ladyboys clean? – Yes, medical checks once a month.
  • Will I be safe? – Yes. We do not tolerate escorts who steal or threaten our clients. Our escorts are all ones you can feel comfortable with.
  • Dick pics – We do not take or provide photos of our ladyboy’s penis. First, such photos are subject to so much manipulation simply by lens selection and perspective that they are absolutely of no value. Second, the vast majority of penis look pretty much the same.

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