July 2021 Update

With some signs that the Covid19 situation will be resolved this year, we put in some effort to update who was still available as well as how we present them. The first step was to contact all the ladyboys that we still had on the books and double-check with them where they were (still in Bangkok?) and if they were still interested in working as escorts.

Of course, with over a year of lock-down or semi-lock-down, a lot of our escorts are no longer available – so the escorts that are on the website today are all escorts who responded positively.

Once we had done that, we decided to redo photographs (including some new for Ivy) and how they are presented, which also led to a general update of the headings and information in the website. As you look, you may see a lot of differences in how the website looks, how information is presented, etc. Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to choose a ladyboy you like, to know what you can expect and to make a booking.

We also updated our sister site (ladies) and there are some new females there as well.

We’d love feedback – so let us know what you think.

New additions, new photos

We’ve added a number of new ladyboys and femboys over the last couple of months, plus we have had some changes in status in a few of our escorts.

New additions for 2018:

Alies, Creammy, Elana, Horn, Jaya, Kitty, Nadia, Sarah, Spoii

New photos for 2018:

Enjoy (now post-op), Fix, Golf, Michelle, Tontta

New additions, new photos

For December, we have added three new escorts (two stunning ladyboys and one femboy) and updated the photos of two of our best ladyboy escorts.

First, we have new photos of Bella, possibly our most beautiful ladyboy and new photos of Lukmee, our darkest and most exotic ladyboy.

We have also added Ladyboy Ivy, who is just stunning, Ladyboy Charita, with a knockout body, and Femboy Beat. Check them all out!

Porn Stars…

Most of us have watched porn and maybe that is what got you interested in ladyboys. Well, a few of our ladyboys are pretty famous and made sex movies when they were younger. We decided to make a reference page to make it easy for those of our customers who wanted a porn star to find out which ones we had.

Take a look at our pornstars!