Employment for Shemale Escorts with Discreet Ladyboy Escorts – Thailand

Interested in working for Discreet?

Pre-Op and Post-Op ladyboys in Thailand are welcome. We require the following:

  1. Reliability – our ladyboys must be reliable. When one of our ladyboys accepts a booking, we expect her to be there and be prepared.
  2. Honesty – we don’t expect our ladyboys to be always available. So, you have to be honest with us about when you are and aren’t available, and about what you will and won’t do.
  3. Personality – our ladyboys all have personality. Many different kinds of personalities, actually.
  4. Looks – different customers like different looks – so whether cute or beautiful or striking – but plain doesn’t work for us.

You can look at our rates and see that we are competitive. And our escorts get a better percentage. Contact us at discrete.bkk@gmail.com with a little bit about yourself and a few photos if you would like to work with us.

Additional information

Please read our terminology, rates and booking pages for more information about how we work.

Females looking for work

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