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Great choices in Pattaya

As a number of our clients have noted, Covid really killed our selection of ladyboys in Pattaya. Pre-Covid, we had a great group in Pattaya, but post-Covid, we have only retained Ladyboy Nei (who is gorgeous and a great choice!). So, we were finally able to have a good recruiting trip to Pattaya and we have added five new ladyboys in Pattaya that we think will be a new great group for us there.

The additions are Femboy Green, who is lady friendly and very dark-skinned, ladyboy Honey who is just steaming hot, Ladyboy Modsa for those who like a thinner body, Ladyboy Miu a gorgeous post-op and Ladyboy Sammy, another stunner.

New additions and a bunch of changes….

The beginning of September sees the addition of new photos of Fanta, the addition of a gorgeous passive ladyboy (Katie), another stunning versatile ladyboy (Meena) and a new cute Femboy (Isabelle). In addition, we’ve added an additional category to the selection menu – Dominatrix & Submissive Ladyboys. Also, at the bottom of every escort’s profile, you’ll find links to allow you to see other ladyboys that also fit the categories of that escort, so you can easily navigate to other choices (see the bottom of this page to see how the links look).

Kate is back..

Covid created a situation where a lot of ladyboys headed for the hills – their homes. We are seeing a few return over the last couple of months and one of those is Kate. Kate is cute, versatile and open to almost anything. She’s also just plain fun.

Check her out!

New additions

Well, Noi and Ben made their trip to Pattaya and also did an intake in Bangkok. Suprisingly, it was difficult to recruit ladyboys in Pattaya, more so than ladies (usually the opposite). So, we got new photos of Charita and Nei from Pattaya and added two new ladyboys in Bangkok – Elsa and Lisa. Check them out, they’re hot!

A lot of new additions…

No, they aren’t on the website yet, but next week Noi and Ben are travelling to Pattaya to do a new intake of escorts in Pattaya. Expect new photos of Charita and maybe Nei as well as a lot of new additions to our selections, profiles should start going up around the end of the month. Some real stunners that we hope will prove to be up to the challenge of being Discreet Escorts.

One return, one new find

Some of you may remember Goy. She worked for us for a number of years, customers were thrilled and her big cock was always busy, especially with couples. Well, we lost contact because she ended up getting a new phone and phone number (not exactly uncommon here) . Fortunately, a few days ago, we literally ran into Goy, and so she came to our most recent photoshoot and here she is, back!

Goy also introduced us to our new find – a young and horny ladyboy named Cat who has the look of a model. We’re looking for some feedback from customers, what we have heard so far is that she is demure and discreet out on the town, but a tiger in bed. Book her, let us know if we’ve heard right!

New photos for three of our ladyboys

We’re working on getting everybody updated with recent photos – the newest three to be updated are Fanta, Fix and ShaSha.

We’ve also made some changes on the profile pages. You will see that their is a current status header which should help give you an idea of which escorts are available. Also, we have noted which escorts have been vaccinated for Covid-19.

Also, there is a new drop down menu in the primary menu, which allows you to select escorts by some specific characteristics.

New additions, new photos

We’ve added a number of new ladyboys and femboys over the last couple of months, plus we have had some changes in status in a few of our escorts.

New additions for 2018:

Alies, Creammy, Elana, Horn, Jaya, Kitty, Nadia, Sarah, Spoii

New photos for 2018:

Enjoy (now post-op), Fix, Golf, Michelle, Tontta