Ladyboy Golf Comments

Tell us about your time with Golf! “Golf is ultra-sexy” – A.J. – 3 June 2015 “Wow. Golf is one of your best!” – Simon – 18 May 2015 “Had a great day with Golf. She’s been good!” – L.D.  13 April 2015 “Miss Golf just left now. She came at 8 o’clock, so she was here for an hour. I am very tired, so I asked her to leave early. But I am satisfied with her service.” Simon 28 Dec 2014
“Thanks for the arrangement so quickly. Had a very good time with Golf.” Pod – 1 Jan 2014
  “Thank you for your efforts in my first experience.” CS – 21 Dec 2013 “Great time with Apple and Golf!” – AM – 5 Nov 2013 “Thank you for the arrangements. Bella.” – AL – 3 Nov 2013